Family-house SCRL: Fabrication et pose de ch‚ssis de fenÍtre en PVC, aluminium ou bois - double vitrage, volets, portes.








Family-house S.C.R.L Ė the products we offer:



We are proud to introduce a range of products for your home:

PVC doors and windows

Aluminium doors and windows

Timber doors and windows


Garage doors




Why choose Family-House:



Best quality of your doors and windows guaranteed :


- german BRÜGMANN window frames (A class)

- german Winkhaus window fittings

- excellent glazing isolation (standard U 1,1 or U 0,6 isolation and

SGG SWISSPACER spacer bar )

- aluminium HOPPE SECUSTIC handle with built in blocking mechanism

Low cost windows with top quality.

Short waiting times.

Professional installation service, experienced fitters.

Excellent customer service: we will be happy to come

along to your home for a consultation and taking measures,

we will provide you with a free quote.

You save time.

Our products are certified by EU quality certificates


German BRÜGMANN window frames (A class)



German Winkhaus window fittings



Double glazing - U 1,1 or U 0,6



Aluminium handle HOPPE SECUSTIC with blocking mechanism




How do we work :



Call us to arrange a consultation on the site where windows need to be fitted: (+32) 487 .54 .63 .59


Our consultant will be happy to come along. Our consultant will


- take measurements,

- give you advice on your requirements and explain what type of windows is advisable in your case,

- show you a specimen of chosen window type

- show you colour options

- prepare a quote for windows, doors or garage doors.



If you decide to choose us, we will prepare a contract and fix the date for delivering and fitting the windows.




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